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Welcome to the second issue of this Long Term Plan newsletter that will keep you informed about the decisions the Council is making for Porirua's future. Thanks to those who have responded to us on the Council's priorities for the city. Keep the feedback coming!  We need to hear your ideas about how to make Porirua City an even better place to live, work and raise a family and to make sure we're heading in the right direction.

It's important that we are focused on what's most important to the city and prioritise our spending accordingly. The Council has set four key priorities for the city and has based all proposed spending options for the next 10 years on these:

  1. A city of villages - Connected and distinctive villages, able to have their respective spaces and characters shaped by the people who live in them.

  2. A healthy and protected harbour - at the heart of our city of villages, providng recreational, economic and cultural opportunities, now and in the future.

  3. A growing city - Prosperity, growth and better opportunities for all Porirua residents through city centre revitalisation

  4. A great city experience - Quality, affordable and efficient services at every point enabling residents, businesses and visitors to make the most of their city experience.

Spending Choices

This year, more than ever, it's really important that you tell us the specific things you think we could save money on or that need greater investment in Porirua City.

In the ongoing economic climate, like everyone else, Councils have to budget prudently, to keep rate increases as low as possible without compromising the services that make living and working in Porirua a great experience.

So we propose to invest significantly on key infrastructure like sewerage and stormwater pipes. The Pauatahanui reticulation project and cross harbour sewerage link are examples of this.  We are also retaining our focus on driving growth in the city centre which will mean better public spaces and events with the aim of attracting development and more jobs for Porirua citizens.

To balance this we propose making cuts to spending in some areas over the next few years. Some specific examples are:

  • Lowering costs at libraries by reducing open hours of all branches and containing costs at Pataka.
  • More emphasis on user pays for services such as rubbish disposal and the cemetery and crematorium.
  • Reduction of grants to community groups and less maintenance on the canopies.

You know best the direction you want the city to head. Please be a positive part of our community conversation and let us know what you think! Register in this newsletter to receive the draft Long Term Plan Summary when it comes out in April. Then you can easily make your submission online and have your voice heard!

Click here to see Issue #1 of this LTP newsletter.

Council Services

You are invited

Your Council will be available to talk to you about the priorities and spending choices it's proposing in this draft long-term plan.

Come to one of the informal gatherings near your home, see what's being proposed and share your views. The Mayor and Councillors want to know that the decisions they make are the best for everyone in our city.

Northern Ward - Wednesday 11 April: Lighthouse Cinema from 7pm-9pm. Refreshments available.

Eastern Ward - Saturday 14 April: Cannons Creek Pool from 11am-1pm.  Sausage sizzle and pool games for the kids.

Western Ward - Tuesday 17 April: Titahi Bay Surf Lifesaving Club from 5.30pm-7.30pm. Refreshments available.

If you haven't already - don't forget to register on the next page and we will email you the plain-English Summary of the Draft Long Term Plan when it's released in April. Then you can easily make your submission online.

Key LTP dates

28 March: Council will adopt the draft Long Term Plan.

3 April to 3 May: Formal consultation begins. This is your time to tell us what you think of the Council's draft plan.

16-18 May: Hearing period. People can speak to the Council about their submissions.

27 June: Council adopts the final Long Term Plan.

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